5 2015

Morse called in following fire at North London Fitness Club

Morse Consultants has been appointed by long term client Spring Health Leisure to manage the refurbishment of one of its fitness clubs following a fire in the building. The fire, at Spring Health Leisure’s Hampstead club, began in the sauna in the men’s changing area and spread to cause significant damage to the steam room, showers, ...

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7 2015

Delivering on pledges: How do project managers juggle effectively? By Steve Hogevold, Managing Director


  jug·gler  (jŭg′lər) n. 1. One that juggles objects or performs other tricks of manual dexterity. (Free Dictionary - Managing a project for a client is like being a champion juggler – only sometimes the items being thrown into the air are giant rocks instead of oranges or lemons!   With the 2015 election in the forefront of our minds ...

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10 2015

Long term client still relying on Morse Consultants

Morse has enjoyed a fantastic working relationship with Venaglass for many years, and during the last 3 months has seen an increase in activity with the company having turned to Morse for assistance on a number of projects. Work has included dilapdiations instructions, property refurbishments and feasibility studies on a number of properties in their portfolio. Jonathan ...

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8 2015

Housing Associations turn to Morse for party wall support

Morse Consultants has been appointed by several housing associations to assist with ensuring Party Wall Awards are being properly complied with.  The Party Wall Act 1996 is in place to ensure that any work carried out does not adversely affect neighbouring properties; but one issue facing the building owner is what to do if the neighbours ...

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31 2015

Morse appointed to manage Farnham Town Hall Buildings project

Morse Consultants is to project manage the external redecoration and repairs to a prestigious building in Farnham, Surrey. Farnham Town Hall Buildings occupies a prominent position on Castle Street in Farnham town centre and features a historic bell tower which is still wound by hand. The project will involve co-ordinating the external redecoration of the building, including ...

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