12 2016

Harling House progressing for Venaglass

Work is underway on the refurbishment of Harling House, designed and project managed by Morse Consultants.

The property, owned by Venaglass, is having a facelift to the common parts areas to bring it up to date for its tenants.  It was originally a Sainsbury’s warehouse and Morse has project managed works to the individual floors to provide tenants with some of best space available in Southwark, whilst maintaining an important link to the building’s past.

Morse has produced designs for the new reception which will have a distinctly industrial feel.  “It’s great to be working with a client like Venaglass where we can get really involved in helping them to make decisions about their building and to make such fantastic improvements which will certainly maximise their long term investments,” said Steve Hogevold, Managing Director of Morse Consultants.  “We are privileged to be able work with the owners, agents and occupiers of a building over a long period of time to see it evolve and perform as a useful space and as an investment.”

The design for the reception will maintain an important link with the building's past

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