1 2007

Aspect Property Management instructs Morse Consultants for multiple property projects

Morse Consultants has been instructed by Aspect Property Management to project manage a number of projects on its high profile properties.

The instructions follow the successful completion by Morse Consultants of 2007’s external repair and redoecoration programme on the multi-occupancy buildings in London, which includes Mall Chambers, Primrose Mansions, The Limes, Leeland Mansions, Kensington Court Mansions and Hillcrest.

The works encompass a wide range of maintenance tasks from painting and decorating to repairs on historic buildings.

“Carrying out work on these types of property involves a great deal of careful planning and management to ensure that the tenants, landlord and property management company are all satisfied with the work going ahead,” said Steve Hogevold, managing director of Morse Consultants.  “We are delighted to be involved with a second year of work with Aspect Property Management.”

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